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Privileged access

Data leakage is inevitable, but can be stopped。

Implement the principle of least privilege

Adopt minimal privilege security control over all identities, devices and applications from terminals to the cloud。

Defense against

The main cause of preventing data leakage - identity and credentials leakage。

Facilitating digital business

Achieve both security and frictionless digital experience。

Meet audit and compliance requirements

A unified solution that meets identity oriented audit and compliance requirements。

Intercept an attacker's attack

The CyberArk privileged access management solution addresses a wide range of use case types, protecting privileged credentials and keys that exist locally, in the cloud, or anywhere in between。

Privileged Access Manager

Privileged access manager

Continuously discover and manage privileged accounts and credentials, isolate and monitor privileged connections, and correct hazardous activity across different environments。

Cloud rights manager

Continuous use of ARTIFICIAL intelligence to detect and correct hidden, misconfigured, and unused access rights between cloud environments to improve visibility。

Cloud Entitlements Manager

Endpoint Privilege Manager

Terminal privilege manager

Contain attacks by enforcing the principle of least privilege, controlling applications and preventing credentials from being stolen on Windows and Mac desktops and Windows servers。

Vendor privilege access manager

Support remote vendors to secure access to CyberArk's most sensitive IT assets without using VPNS, proxies, or passwords。

Vendor Privilege Access Manager

All-round protection

We have more ways to help you navigate the digital world without fear。

Drive Operational

Improve operational efficiency

Reduce IT complexity and burden and improve business security。

Enable the Digital Business

Support for digital services

Ensure secure access to business applications with human and machine identities。

Stop Ransomware Icon

Block ransomware

100% successful suppression of lateral movement of over 3 million ransomware。

Secure DevOps Cloud Icon

Protect development, maintenance and cloud

Secure machine identity access on development and maintenance processes。

Gartner Hype Cycle Technology
Cyberark Blueprint

CYBERARK blueprint

CyberArk Blueprint is an innovative tool for creating a highly customized security roadmap that is easy to use and implement。


For demonstration

Manage privileged accounts and credentials

Enforce the principle of least privilege at the terminal

Remove unnecessary cloud rights

Supports secure remote vendor access