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Repair service

Quickly restore control of stolen privileges with the right expertise and software。


Suffered a data breach?
Our certified incident response consultants are always available to assist。

Restore control

Speed up your system recovery with CyberArk Repair services。

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To speed up recovery

Ensure quick recovery with predetermined terms and conditions and immediate access to any required identity security solution。

Illustration of improvement results

To improve the results

CyberArk's certified incident response consultants and engineers bring decades of practical experience to you。

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Active protection

CyberArk customers can pre-order the repair service free of charge, and non-customers can purchase the repair service on a temporary basis for immediate safety needs。

Rapid resumption of business operations

Quickly and efficiently mitigate the impact of complex attacks and restore business-critical services。

Respond quickly to

Respond quickly to

If your company suffersPrivileged accessIn the event of a data breach, CyberArk will quickly appoint a team of experienced service specialists to assist you in effectively isolating and mitigating the threat。

Experts on call

Our repair services team consists of certified incident response consultants and CyberArk certified engineers who are proficient in the language of first responders and apply CyberArk solutions。

Experts on call

A trusted manual for teaching warfare

A trusted manual for teaching warfare

CyberArk has developed a series of instructional manuals for assessing, prioritizing, and responding to privileged access security incidents to help you quickly contain threats and regain control。

Verified by actual combat

CyberArk has fixed some of the largest data breaches of the 21st century, and we can help your company, too。

Verified by actual combat

Industry leading solution

Industry leading solution

The team has full access to the entire CyberArk solution portfolio throughout the repair task。 Once control is restored, you may choose to continue to subscribe to the CyberArk solution to prevent future incidents。


Rapid risk assessment

Take back control and control

Work with expert groups

Repairing emergency Threats