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Moving forward in the digital world without fear

CyberArk is a recognized leader in the privileged access management market, offering the most complete identity security features。







Fortune 500 enterprises


Top 2000 global enterprises

Perfect protection of your credentials

CyberArk has helped more than half of the Fortune 500 companies protect their most valuable assets。

Remain a leader in identity access and privilege management

Continuous innovation, holding 204 patents and pending patents in the United States and worldwide

The tried-and-true blueprint system provides a risk-measurable identity security roadmap


Companies that have experienced major data breaches in the past decade are turning to CyberArk。*

Supreme affirmation

We are passionate about helping our customers achieve ultimate security。CyberArk is a recognized market leader and the industry's number one provider of privileged access management。 Every day, we continue to innovate and lead the market with proven methods and award-winning customer experiences。

From left to right, 2020 Best Enterprise Security, 2020 Identity Access and Management Winner, 2020 Best Privileged access Security, 2020 Privilege Access Management Winner

Continuous innovation, towards the future, investment is more secure

CyberArk brings a unique, security-first mindset to your identity security and access management strategy。For more than 20 years, we have pioneered innovative products to protect against privileged attacks。

Continuous Innovation in IAM Security

Join the top companies in the world

The top 25 fortune 500 companies in these industries all trust CyberArk。













Continuous innovation。Business is stable。

CyberArk is pleased to announce that we have been ranked by Gartner as a leader in the Privileged Access Management Magic Quadrant, ranking first in execution capability and overall vision。This is the third year in a row we have won this prestigious award。

Be on the safe side

CyberArk LABS and the Red Team are staffed by the best minds in the industry, proactively researching attacks and trends, and always staying one step ahead of future threats。

Cyber Security Research from CyberArk Labs

Clear from suspicion

CyberArk Blueprint is an innovative tool to build a highly customized security roadmap that is easy to use and execute, allowing you to decide your next steps in the coming years。Our team will work side by side with you to develop the blueprint in a way that suits your organization。

Identify you without slowing down your identity security solution

Discover all the ways CyberArk keeps you moving forward without fear。


"CyberArk is the best vendor I have ever worked with in my 20-plus years of IT work。CyberArk has the industry's first one-finger privileged access management product。」

IT Security Manager, security and risk management


"With CyberArk, we are confident that the technology we deploy will evolve as our business grows。」

Jean - Pierre Blanc,Bouygues Telecom


"Not only to ensure compliance, we are actively designing and adjusting our cyber security best practice policies in order to enhance our overall security posture and internal team coordination。」

Joel Harris, 經理


"CyberArk gives us the visibility and finely layered control we need to implement the principle of least privilege and 'preset denial' application control while minimizing organizational impact。」

Ken Brown,Information technology is long


"With the development of robotic process automation and cloud migration, credentials have become increasingly dispersed, away from 'normal' control。CyberArk can be extended in a standard manner to cover all operational situations。」

Information Security Consultant, enterprise security solution technology


Consult an expert

Enforce the principle of least privilege to protect your critical business assets

Give your employees access to any device or application

Protect credentials on development and maintenance processes

* Source: According to CyberArk on IDG published in 1.28.18 的"The biggest Data Leak of the 21st Century" Internal analysis of